Turismo de Portugal has distinguished the Green Mountain Madeira with the Clean & Safe stamp in recognition of good practices in the implementation of the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the NHS concerning Covid-19.

Before starting the tour and with all the participants already properly equipped with hygiene and safety material, the guide disinfects everyone’s hands and explains what procedures to adopt during the tour as far as it concerns:

– To opening and closing doors;
– To social distancing;
– To the place where the excursionists will sit (you cannot change seats);
– Contact with the hands;
– Visits and points of interest during the tour, namely how the
behaviour to avoid unnecessary risks with third parties;
– To the recognition and obedience to the group’s imposed hygienic rules;

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About Us

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Green Mountain Madeira

GREEN MOUNTAIN MADEIRA is a company specialized in ecological, environmental and social tourism, offering several walk and activities to explore the nature and culture of Madeira Island, always respecting the environment.
The tours and activities available are private programs and the transport is made by 4×4 off road vehicles that accommodate up to 6 people with great comfort.

Our Goal

The goal is to provide our clients with exceptional and differentiated jeep tours and walking tours. We emphasize the interaction with nature as well as culture, thus creating a global vision of our beautiful island of Madeira.
Furthermore, these tours allow our clients to venture into the mountains of the island in an exclusive and exciting way, enabling them to appreciate our geological heritage as well as the endemic fauna and flora of Madeira.

4×4 Tours

Reforest nature tour is undoubtedly the most important of our programs

It’s main focus is to allow our clients to be a part of the reforestation of madeira island

Our clients are taken by 4×4 to our endemic/indigenous plant nursery. There, they have the opportunity to choose a plant and later plant that future tree, which will bear the name of the person that planted it.

In the snowy season this tour is different and allows our clients the possibility to collect seed in the field and plant them in the nursery for twinning.

This tour is a perfect combination of a 4×4 ride and an outdoor activity, giving out clients the chance of helping on the reforestation of the mountains of Madeira.

GUARDIANS of NATURE tours are available either on the West or East areas of Madeira Island.
These 4×4 tours also aim to raise awareness to PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT and show the natural heritage of our island.

Sun Observation

The Sunset and Sunrise tours allow our clients to enjoy the beauty of sunrise or sunset by 4×4.
These tours offer breathtaking views, provide amazing video and photography opportunities and place our clients in a unique environment of the mountains of Madeira.

These tours are for hiking lovers. Here you can enjoy real Royal Paths or Royal Roads, which are ancient land roads built in the second half of the 19th century by representatives of the Crown.

These were used for transportation of people and goods when the sea conditions were too rough to allow navigation. These roads put a term to the isolation in which a large portion of the rural population was submitted to.

Built by hand, they were maintained by the entire population of the island, who were called upon to contribute days of work, in a tax created for this purpose and called a “road wheel”.

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