Turismo de Portugal has distinguished the Green Mountain Madeira with the Clean & Safe stamp in recognition of good practices in the implementation of the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the NHS concerning Covid-19.

Before starting the tour and with all the participants already properly equipped with hygiene and safety material, the guide disinfects everyone’s hands and explains what procedures to adopt during the tour as far as it concerns:

– To opening and closing doors;
– To social distancing;
– To the place where the excursionists will sit (you cannot change seats);
– Contact with the hands;
– Visits and points of interest during the tour, namely how the
behaviour to avoid unnecessary risks with third parties;
– To the recognition and obedience to the group’s imposed hygienic rules;

You want to grow a tree?

Just buy a kit at CTT

For the seventh year in a row, the CTT and Quercus launch a kit that gives birth to a native tree in areas protected or affected by fires. Just go to a CTT store (physical or online) and buy it for 3.5 euros.
Quercus and CTT are back, for the seventh consecutive year, promoting the One Tree for the Forest reforestation campaign. The initiative, which is close to reaching 100 thousand trees planted, wants everyone to be able to participate in the planting of native species in protected areas and classified areas of Portugal, especially in regions most affected by fires. How can this be done? Just buy a kit.
The kit, which this year represents a national freix, is, since this Thursday, July 30, on sale for 3.5 euros in 300 CTT stores throughout the country, and also in the online store (with free shipping), until 31 December. It has a QR Code with a sound message that provides a set of news and instructions to proceed with the registration of the kit, also indicating the location where each tree will be planted.
Each kit will be converted into a tree or shrub of native species such as ash, cork oak, holm oak, strawberry tree or chestnut tree during the spring of 2021. Volunteers for the plantations are welcome and should only register on the project website or via email
In addition to the plantations resulting from the 2020 campaign, there are also the 8,000 that could not be planted last March because of the pandemic. All the plantations are organized by Quercus, in collaboration with the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests.
“At a time when the country is once again facing the drama of fires and when the planet is facing the clear and urgent danger of climate change, projects like A Tree in the Forest are of enormous importance because they allow citizens to actively participate and contribute to the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems in our country,” said Paula Nunes da Silva, president of Quercus, quoted in a statement sent to P3. The invitation has been launched.

In Publico – ambiente /  30 de Julho de 2020, 18:15